Deploy your database without data lose with dacpac

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If you ever wander is it possible to deploy your MSSQL Server database automatically without data loss...

The answer is YES


... and this project will help you with it.

Data migrations is not an easy task, few condition should be met if you want be able to do it without any problems. you can read it in Migration Scenarios.

Most of the time database deployment is done using database comparing tools and few script developers wrote. Using it could be error prone, stressful and hard to automate. With this package you can perform database updates in predictable manner. You can test it. Store and version your database package as an artifact on your CI.


To achieve your goal you need Visual Studio and SQL Server Data Tools


Visual Studio does not supports nuget packages in SSDT projects. Since you cannot add nuget to this kind of project to visual studio, you should do it by hand what Visual Studio is doing.

First you should create packages.config in our database project folder to inform nuget to restore package. After you restored package you can copy to database project folder file DacpacDataMigrationsInclude.targets and include it in sqlproj file, to do that add <Import Condition="Exists('DacpacDataMigrationsInclude.targets')" Project="DacpacDataMigrationsInclude.targets" />.

To upgrade package you should update verion in packages.config and DacpacDataMigrationsInclude.targets files and restore packages again.

When everything is set up, you can build your project. Migrations will be added to your dacpac automatically.


In your database project folder after build it, you should notice folder named DataMigrations, you can add sql files to it, they should be marked with build action None if you want to add them to visual studio project. They are added to deployment script in alphabetical order, files can be nested in sub directories. you can force order by prefixing them with numbers 001, 002 ... etc.

You can also add PreDeploy.sql and PostDeploy.sql files to database project root directory, this files will be run every time you deploy, before schema changes and after data migrations are finished.


When you publish your database for the first time, table __Migration.Log will be created. Length of migration name is 256 characters. In this table migrations will be added when deployment is performed successfully. Schema and table name can be changed setting msbuild props DacpacDataMigrationsSchema and DacpacDataMigrationsTableName before including targets file.

You can not use Pre and Post build actions on your own, these actions are reserved to hook up migrations.

Right now DDL and DML scripts are runing in one transaction.